The development of colour and pattern on mulberry craft paper for value added

Korpong Hongsri, Thitarini Suropan, Surawut Puangmalee


The objective of this project was to develop a new technique on creating colour and pattern on mulberry craft paper by adapting from Ebru paper marbling technique, which was the technique used to create colour and pattern on cloth and cardboard. This would help to improve on value added and enhance mulberry craft paper making industry in Thailand.

          It was found that the optimum viscosity of Methyl cellulose gel that should be used to get good colour and pattern on mulberry craft paper without the colour sinking to the bottom of the tray or too much Methyl cellulose gel absorption into the paper was between 260-1,880 cP. The best concentration of Methyl cellulose gel for this purpose was 1% and the mixed Methyl cellulose gel should not be stored more than 10 days before use as the quality of the gel was decreased and it would be harder to control the colour and pattern. However, if the Methyl cellulose gel was prepared and would be used on the same day, it was feasible to mix it at the concentration of 0.5%.

          The most suitable type of colour to be used on mulberry craft paper and obtained good results were acrylic paint for artwork, acrylic paint for house and poster color.

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